A worker at Muzizi Tea Estate
Muzizi Tea Estate

Muzizi Tea Estate is located in the Kagadi District of the Bwikara Sub-County at an altitude of 1286 meters above mean sea level. It is 21 km from the District Headquarters in Kagadi Town, 302 km from Kampala and 60 km from our Head Office in Kyarusozi Mwenge.

Muzizi has a total area of 607 hectares. It has two rainy seasons from Mid-March to June and from September to November with 2022 annual rainfall of 1242mm. The rest of the months are dry with July-August being a short dry spell whereas December to March is very dry with maximum and minimum temperatures being 32 and 18 degrees Centigrade respectively.

With two CTC lines, Muzizi produced 1,888,061 kilogrammes of 'Made Tea' per year. 42.6% of the production is from the Outgrower Tea Farmers.

Mwenge Tea Estate

Muzizi Factory View


Muzizi — Facts & Figures
Land Usage Hectares
Under Tea 365.80
Eucalyptus 91.40
Natural Forest 103.94