A section of Mwenge Tea Estate


All McLeod Russel Uganda tea estates are Rainforest Alliance certified.

Social Responsibility

Mcleod Russel Uganda Limited is firmly committed to a policy of social responsibilty. In effect, this translates into an awareness of the entire environment is which it exists — flora, fauna and human. In each of these spheres it works to attain objectives that embrace improvement of the surrounding environs or, at the very least, maintaining the status quo. Towards the preservation of flora and fauna, MRUL has actively shunned depradations on natural forest cover. Towards improvement of human life-style and standard of living the Company has made erfforts in several spheres.

Schooling: Free primary education is provided to all estate employee children.

Nursery school

Nursery school children at an event — Mwenge Tea Estate

Healthcare: The Company maintains on-estate-clinics to provide free healthcare to all employees and their families.

Housing: Free housing is provided to all estate employees for themselves and their families.

Sports: MRUL is active in promoting sporting activities – such as inter-estate football tournaments – for its employees.

Estate football team

Ankole Estate Football Team

Canteens / Clubs: Subsidised canteens, stores and social clubs are also provided by the Company on each estate for the employees and their families.

Local employment and Outgrowers: Additionally, and importantly, McLeod Russel is actively involved in providing employment and generating income for people living in the vicinities of its estates. It both employs casual labour as well as buys fresh tea-leaf grown by Outgrowers in the various neighbouring regions.

This MRUL-Outgrower association is an extremely involved dynamic on several fronts. First the leaf is processed at the MRUL factories and helps encourage the Outgrowers to continue cultivating tea bushes and so adding to their revenue stream. Second, and equally importantly, MRUL is actively involved in the tea-growing aspect of the operation. It discusses new agricultural practices and helps in their implementation. This, not only helps the Outgrowers to produce more tea-leaf but also helps them to improve the quality of their leaf.

Tea nursery

A McLeod Russel tea nursery.

Rainforest Certified

All McLeod Russel Uganda tea estates and factories are Rainforest Alliance and ISO 22000:2018 certified respectively.

Some Facts and Figures
Tea Figures
Number of Estates 6
Total Tea Production  21 million kgs
% of Ugandan Tea 29%
Total Employees 6,000
Area under Tea 3,600+ ha
Eucalyptus 1,300+ ha
Natural Forest  1,800+ ha


Tea Plucking

Out patients at a Tea Estate clinic