Ankole Tea Estate

Ankole Tea Estate is located in the heart of the Mashonga Trading Centre, Kyamuhunga Subcounty, Bushenyi District and upon approaching its factory you will be welcomed by the strong aroma of fresh 'made tea'. For Ankole is home to high quality black teas with quite bright infusions and liquors that are produced amidst a beautiful scenery of hills, valleys and water streams!

With 573.12 hectares under tea, Ankole Tea Estate produced 1,578,851kgs of made tea from all harvesting modes and 2,829,276kgs from out-growers. From this, it manufactured 4,408,127kgs of ‘Made Tea’.

The Estate employs over 750 workers on a permanent basis and deals directly with over 200 farmers and 100 contractors to complete its operations' cycle.

Ankole Tea Factory

The Ankole Tea Factory

Ankole Tea Estate also manufactures its non-Rainforest Alliance accredited out grower leaf and markets it under the mark KALINZU.


Ankole — Facts & Figures
Land Usage Hectares
Under Tea 573.12
Eucalyptus 320.8
Natural Forest 276.10