Bugambe Tea Estate

Bugambe Tea Estate is located in the newly created district of Kikuube in the gentle hills along the Western Rift Valley. The Estate has two divisions: Nyamarobyo and Buseruka comprising tea fields, eucalyptus plantations, natural forests and all the relevant infrastructure spread across 1573.17 hectares.

With Kisaru becoming independent — in terms of manufacturing their own leaf — Bugambe has increased extension services to Out-growers.

Harvesting of leaf solely depends on shears and SOH machines where 2,897,762 kilograms of made tea produced in 2022 out of which 465,182kgs came from out growers.

Ankole Tea Factory

A tea nursery at Bugambe


Bugambe — Facts & Figures
Land Usage Hectares
Under Tea 813.00
Eucalyptus 308.26 
Natural Forest 393.26