All McLeod Russel Uganda Tea Estates are Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our Environment

McLeod Russel Uganda Limited is firmly committed to the protection and sustenance of the environment around. This commitment to the ecological protection of the surroundings and the ecosystems of the regions and environs of each of its gardens is one of the core features of the Company's corporate ethos.

To this end McLeod Russel has attained, and maintains, international standards such as the Rainforest Alliance for its gardens and the ISO 22000:2018 ccertification for its tea-processing factories. All of which contribute to making it a leader in the field of tea production.

For example, securing adequate supplies of fuel wood for tea drying is a major challenge with an inherent risk of considerable local deforestation. To overcome this problem, Mcleod Russel have invested heavily in the development of eucalyptus plantations to provide wood for its tea factories, instead of relying on cutting down the natural forest, which had been the previous practice.

To give an idea of the extent of this commitment the Company has over 1,300 hectares of land under eucalytus as well as 1,800 hectares of well protected natural forests around its estates and factories.

Kisaru Tea Estate

Rainforest — MRUL is firmly committed to the protection of the environment in and around its Estates


Rainforest Certified

All McLeod Russel Uganda Tea Estates and factories are Rainforest Alliance and ISO 22000:2018 certified respectively.

Some Facts and Figures
Land Usage Hectares
Under Tea 3,600.00 +
Eucalyptus 1,300.00 +
Natural Forest 1,800.00 +


Kisaru Tea Estate

A waterfall in the natural forests that surround the MRUL Estates