Kisaru Tea Estate

Kisaru Tea Estate is located in mid-western Uganda, 50km west of Hoima town, in the newly created Kikuube District.

Kisaru, was originally, for 22 years, a satellite division of Bugambe Tea Estate and was converted into an independent Estate in 2020. Apart from increasing its cultivated areas for tea and gum, the Estate has set up a new production line. This will result in a production target of 1,868,343 kilograms of made tea 2022 out of which 1,800,799kgs came from own crop, 67,544kgs came from out growers.

Over the last ten years, 2012 to 2022, the Estate has increased its gum plantation area from 83 hectares in 2012 to 187 hectares as of today (2023). Additionally, with the commissioning of the new factory, the Estate will be able to grow its relatively small Out-grower base.

Young tea at Kisaru

Young tea at Kisaru Tea Estate


Kisaru — Facts & Figures
Land Usage Hectares
Under Tea 644.01 
Eucalyptus 187.92
Natural Forest 140.78